Drug Law Violations

Dan Viets has practiced defense of drug charges throughout the state of Missouri for more than 30 years!

 Dan has successfully defended people in the federal, state and municipal courts of our state for more than three decades.  Dan has represented people charged with cultivation, distribution and possession of marijuana as well as almost every other prohibited substance.  It is likely that no other attorney during the past 30 years has handled as many drug cases throughout the state of Missouri.  

Dan has appeared in every circuit and nearly every county in the state of Missouri. He will travel to your county to defend you and fight for your rights.  Dan has represented defendants charged with other non-violent, victimless offenses including driving while intoxicated, stealing, failure to pay child support, and many other offenses.  

Representing people charged with non-violent, victimless law violations

Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, a drug charge can have a serious, lifelong impact on a defendant.  It is important to avoid having a public criminal conviction record which can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Employers, landlords and lenders will always check your public criminal record before deciding whether to hire you, rent a home to you or give you a loan to buy a car or a house.  The best outcome which leaves you with no permanent public record.  That is almost always a possibility, at least for people who do not have an extensive prior criminal conviction record.  

Expunge your prior criminal convictions

Under a new law which Dan helped write and pass, and which goes into effect on January 1, 2018, most public criminal conviction records can be expunged. While a closed record will still exist and will be accessible to the police and prosecutors, employers, landlords and lenders will not have access to the records of your prior convictions if you get an expungement under this new law.

A professional on your side

Drug charges are a serious aspect of criminal law.  If you are involved in such a case, you want to have a professional on your side.  While the exact nature of your case will affect the charges and penalties that you may be facing, what is certain is that you are not going to want an amateur working on your case. Call our office to work with an experienced attorney who understands this area of the law, and who will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

This firm prides itself on professionalism.  We realize that these drug charges may be a client's first involvement with the legal system.  This can be confusing and intimidating.  It is likely you don't know the full extent of your rights and the best way to proceed, but Dan and his staff are here to help you navigate the law.  Fully representing a client's interest is our mission.
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